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Mark's Mutterings

Apr. 18th, 2010

02:19 pm - The Dragon Storm Blog Posts Have Moved!

I am combining all of our gaming blogs together in one place.

This is the link to the new blog! Follow it!

Apr. 16th, 2010

12:36 pm - New Pre-Orders, Convention Prep

I am going to start this by pointing people to the Pre-Order Sets page. I have posted sets 18 and 19 for Pre-Orders. We expect to have them for ComicCon/AnCon/MarCon next month. There is a pdf sample linked there for downloading. The Guideline sheet is not there, yet. I'll be working on those.

This is the Link to the Pre-Order page.

We are making headway on the Special Order Individual Standard cards. These are in a quantity of 25 of the same card. We now have 12 of the 18 slots filled. If there is a single card that you know your group is going to want, this is the way to get it.

This is the link to more information on these Special Orders.

Sue and I will be at HomeCon this evening. Sue will be running a game and I will be hanging around being a pain. On Saturday we will be at the new Flint Comic Con. It will be an interesting time. It certainly is normal for two fun things happen at the same time.

If you are trying to figure out where we will be, you should look at the Convention schedule, and this is the link to the Con listing.

Apr. 7th, 2010

01:25 am - mighty Madspawn do battle

As you probably saw in my Daily Bolg we have spent the last eight hours fighting the Mighty Madspawn. We did this because GM's seemed to be afraid to try these out. We had assumed that there were no glitches as we moved close to publishing them, since no one said anything.

Fortunatley someone questioned them and I cancelled our new game session to revert to DS for a night. That was actually a bit tough on all of us. The restrictions of Action, Independent and Movement allocations is difficult. It takes different mindset. After a time we got it worked out and the bravest of the characters headed out to save the temple that was being dismantled by the Madspawn.

Marlly, Rerrith and Cherry died. Verang won, but inflicted no deaths. Aristotle killed a Valarian Warmaster. What we determined is that it is the Strength characteristic which is breaking down in the point system. So we are changing the point values of some of them:
Aristotle is jumping from 1390 to 2080
Manny goes from 1175 to 1675
Verang sees a move from 1214 to 1821
Big Dog changes from 1023 to 1453
Angry Merry increases from 983 to 1283

My original plan was to see your thoughts after battling these fine foes before writing the Guidelines for them, but that isn't happening, so here is the short list so far:
1. Due to the immense warp in these monsters they may only have one warp feature added to them.
2. They may use standard/universal cards as paid for.
2a. They are too focused on destruction to learn any magics.
2b. The Mighty Madspawn are only classified as Prime Madspawn because we do not have a higher classification.
3. The fundamental concept behind these is that the Valarians and their Allies are making progress, therefore the Pylos backed Necromancers are starting to send out the big guns. This is where it starts getting really dangerous. Your characters are fighting for the future of their world, and it means putting your life on the line to succeed.
4. Gamemasters should do players the courtesy of telling them that a mission's completion could mean encountering a Mighty Madspawn, Pylos Agent, a Deathday Veteran Necro or a Pylos. Players should only bring characters they can accept the death of. We all become attached to characters and we do not want to loose them. Be considerate.
5. These monsters are not intended as one-on- one opponents. They have not spent points on the niceties of dealing with exploration, research, trade, commerce or anything but combat. They are good at combat, but that is about all. They do not even bother to cook their food, nor even separate out the slave serving it, it all tastes good.

Now that we have had a taste of the Mighty Madspawn we are pleased. A few tweaks and they are ready to deploy.

-- Post From My iPad

Apr. 6th, 2010

11:20 am - Just received a Standard card shipment!

We have a restock of set 3.
The new set 12 cards are here.
The first Special run cards are here.

Now I need to inventory, price, sort, package, ship, and update the web store. We have a game here starting at 5PM. I will post where I am with everything after the game.

-- Post From My iPad

Mar. 29th, 2010

01:08 pm - Valarian and Rogue Bonus Cards PDF Posted.

I am getting through the backlog of requests for PDF's of cards.

Today I have posted the Valarian Boon cards and the Rogue starter cards as a set. You can use this link to get your paws on them.

Mar. 26th, 2010

03:07 pm - Thinking in "Nines" changes some ideas

Now that our printing is being reworked in multiples of nine we are having some interesting issues to deal with.

I have added some new Preview PDF's to the Upcoming page, and this is the link.

We have also had some specific requests for Special Ordering 25 of a card. The counter has moved up to 6, so we are on the way to a special run sheet. If you did not catch the new Special Order concept in the new website, use this link to check it out.

Mar. 25th, 2010

09:28 pm - Updates in the Market.

I got some updates posted into the Market. You can place Pre-Orders for Sets 16 and 17 now.

I talked to the printer today and we should get sets 12 and 13 plus the cards I owe people on Monday.

Mar. 19th, 2010

03:21 pm - Travels of Kit Updated

I have updated the Travels of Kit Sketchbook pages. All 34 pages are now on-line. You can use this link to look over the entire project.

Mar. 15th, 2010

05:52 pm - New Dragon Storm Website

The old site has been deleted and replaced. You should use this link to see what has happened.

Guild Discounts: In the coupon section of the cart type "Guild" and it will calculate your Guild discount.

Deluxe Cards: Gone, Too much time is consumed by trying to maintain two types of cards. All Deluxe cards will become Standard card sets, as our cash flow allows. We will have these cards with us and be selling them at very good discounts at ComicCon/AnCon/MarCon.

DS Beta Blog: Gone. I must trim my time use. There is a card submission page in the new site. I have copies of everything from the DS Beta blog.

The Plan: I will be adding a page, or four, of adventures, stories and other content per week for some time to come. I will keep you posted right here.

Web Page Checking: I hope that there will be "stuff" you miss from the old site. Let me know and I will work at getting it back up first.

Yet to Come: I will be opening a new Game Update Blog somewhere, sometime, that will cover DS and the upcoming games. More work reduction so I can get the new Core Rules completed. I just need more than the 36 hours per day currently available.

OK, comment away.

01:04 pm - Changes, Changes

We are about to see a series of changes and updates in the blogs and the Dragon Storm website.

The first step has been the deletion of my excess blogs. I have to trim the jobs I am doing so I have the time to complete projects. The DS Beta Blog and Mark's Madness blogs are gone. (Plus two other blogs as well...)

The new website will be going up within the next 24 hours. I will post an update after the site is reloaded.

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